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It’s one thing to be convinced that air conditioning maintenance is important. It’s another thing to keep on a regular tune-up schedule.

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AC Preventative Maintenance Contract. Why Do I Need One?

Lower heating & cooling costs: Cleaning and adjusting various parts of your air conditioner will ensure that it operates at top efficiency. This results in lower cooling and heating costs.

Fewer breakdowns: Having your system regularly checked will allow your technician to spot and correct problems while they are still small and easy to fix. This means less inconvenience and expense down the road.

Increased system lifespan: As is the case with most mechanical equipment (and even our own bodies!), proper upkeep will help your air conditioner live a long and healthy life.


What is an AC Preventative Maintenance Contract?

A preventative maintenance contract is also known as a Maintenance Agreement or Maintenance Program; the exact wording may vary. But whatever the name, it is essentially a contract between a homeowner and an HVAC contractor where the contractor agrees to perform a list of services to your air conditioner a certain number of times (usually once or twice) per year, for a set fee.

As you can imagine, the exact details and pricing vary from company to company. The services performed usually include checking, cleaning, adjusting and/or changing various parts of your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) equipment. Some contracts also entitle the homeowner to additional perks, which we will discuss later.

Preventative Work to be Preformed:

– Disinfecting the inside, outside, doors, blower, coil, and pan of the Air Handler.
– Checking the electrical tightness of both the condenser and the Air Handler.
– Checking bearing and belts as needed. (Replacement belts not included)
– Clearing and treating the condensate drain line.
– Inserting pan tabs into drain pan.
– Check and monitor temperature differentials.
– Inspect coils for dirt build up and or growth.
– Check operation of the system.
– Test thermostat. (Replacement batteries are not included)
– Change filters. (filters not included)
– Check and monitor amp draw from the motors.

You’ll be More Likely to Keep Your AC Maintained

We understand – your life is busy. You have so many responsibilities to manage that we’d be crazy to think your air conditioner is always priority number one. At least, not until it’s 95 degrees outside and your vents are blowing hot air. You meant to make that maintenance appointment, but somehow never got around to it. And now you’re stuck footing another repair bill, right in the heat of the summer. Sound familiar?

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can enjoy the benefits of a well-kept air conditioner without the hassle of remembering to schedule your next tune-up. Your HVAC contractor will remind you when you’re due for a maintenance visit (either once or twice a year, depending on the contract). At Workman Solutions, we contact our maintenance program customers when it’s time to schedule their next appointment.


Some Contracts Include Extra Perks

Priority service if you call for a repair

Trip charge waived with any regular AC repair during normal working hours

10% Discount on labor charges

10% Discount on service work

10% Discount on materials and parts not covered by warranty

90 Day Guarantee from the date of repair on repairs ordered by the customer

You can think of these extra benefits as insurance should your air conditioner break down between tune-ups. A technician will respond to your call faster, even at busy times of the year, and you’ll receive special discounts. These are obvious advantages if your equipment is older and prone to failure